I am so excited to FINALLY announce something I have had to keep quiet about for quite some time. My girl, Duchess and I will be competing on The Pack, a new reality competition series on Amazon Prime Video. Woof!Woof!
So many emotions went into this experience…and this is just the beginning of many stories I look forward to sharing with you. Buckle up!
Throughout the years, I have been so eternally grateful for the unconditional love Duchess gave me. This was my chance to repay her!!! What better way to show my appreciation for all the years she lifted me up and carried me through than with this once in a lifetime trip around the world, just she and I…and 11 other human/dog teams and the incomparable @lindseyvonn and @ilovelucyvonn as our Hosts! What an adventure!
What I did not factor in was the competition element! hahaha I was a thespian, I didn’t do sports and competitions. The only thing I ever competed for in my life was for groceries (you had to be gritty as the youngest of 12 kids).
Yeah, yeah…so maybe D and I had a few things going against us.
-Maybe we were the oldest female team on The Pack.
-Maybe I was the only mom on The Pack.
-Maybe mama hasn’t worked out regularly since my wedding.
-Maybe we haven’t left our house much beside backyard fetch and school pick-ups and drop-offs.
BUT…never underestimate the inner strength and bond of a mom and her dog!
Cannot wait for you all to watch #ThePack on @amazonprimevideo
Stay tuned!
Lucy and Duchess