“Mommy! Hold my hand!” she persists after boarding the plane. As fight attendants walked past, we would have to release our hold, only to have her link back up again…this happened over a dozen times.

I will never NOT take these fleeting MOMents with my baby for granted!

After a 4+ hour flight masked up, we deplaned when someone shouted behind me as we walked up the runway…

“Good job Mom!”

Surely he wasn’t talking to me…I’ve seen this compliment given before. Heck I’ve given this out to moms traveling with kids all the time… but never was it directed at me.

Flying is sensory overload for my littles so it is customary to be met with a decent number of breakdowns…. but not this day.

I turn around to applaud the mom this man was complimenting, only to realize it was directed to me.

I felt like I just won an Oscar!
“I would like to thank the academy and the kids who accompanied me!”

Moral of the story…

It’s the little things folks that truly make you feel like you are winning❤️

Also, a reminder to give moms more compliments!