I didn’t pick this nickname… @thepackonprime did… but ya know what… I absolutely LOVE it!

Duchess has been my soulmate since the day I rescued her, or more fitting, she rescued me at 4 months old back in 2012 from @sclrr_lab_rescue ❤️?? Her name at the time was Halo because she was such an angel? and the name still holds…Duchess is our family’s guardian angel, loyally watching over us, protecting us and loving us unconditionally❤️

⚠️WARNING⚠️ I cry a lot on #ThePack when talking about Duchess…it’s the way she loves me so unconditionally, on my best and worst days and everyday in between that gets me???

So yes @amazonprimevideo Duchess is indeed my soulmate❤️?? Thanks for the nickname!

Love always,
Duchess and Lucy