In high school, my mom coined this concept when she would allow me periodically to take a mental health day off school. It was a shocking move because she was the mom that made us walk to grammar school in the sleet, rain or blizzard…no excuses!

But high school was a different experience. Some major sh*t went down during those final years. It wore on me, which meant it wore on my mom. I would come home from school and we would sit at the dining room table and cry together. When it got really bad, she knew it was time for a mental health day.

As mentioned in my previous post, this week was really hard for me as a mom. And based on ALL the moms I’ve since spoken to, this was a really hard week for all of us.

So in an attempt to get out of this corona coma, some serious attention needed to be paid towards mama’s mental health. It started with a nice date last night with my husband (albeit it was in a parking lot) but connecting with him helped a lot.

Then today I met up with my super talented friend, Chelsey who teaches killer yoga classes…sometimes even on paddle boards. It was my first time combining SUP with yoga but I have complete trust if Chelsey is leading.


After class and a fun paddle through the marina, Chelsey shared this photo she took of me, slightly bothered by the seagull that got in the shot… BUT what she didn’t know is that my mom, who passed away 11 years ago, would often say “when I die I’m gonna come back as a seagull” because she absolutely loved the ocean and beauty of this bird.

Not gonna lie…when I saw this photo I immediately thought of my mom. There she was, soaring over her baby girl. (And now I’m crying)

I miss my mom so much. I needed her desperately this week. What I would give to have her here to sit at the dining room table as she helped me navigate this Corona mess and cry together with me. (Y’all, call your mamas)

So today I took a mental health day with a dear friend who was a shining light after a depressing week…and as it turns out, we weren’t alone in the water…my mama made a pretty epic fly by?

? by Chelsey Lowe
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